miércoles, 22 septiembre, 2021

Neurology and Success

BarroMetrics Views: Neurology and Success

I find the news coming from the research fascinating.

For example: when we speak about discipline and self-control, we tend to think it as a constant application across time and matters and as a matter of will.

But, the research shows that discipline and self-control varies across matters and time. This means that we may have strong discipline for trading and less so for losing weight. It has also been shown that self-control is much like fitness:

    • Use it or lose it
    • Practise in small matters leads to greater control on more important ones.
    • Fatigue means we are more likely to act in an undisciplined manner; finally
    • Like fitness, we need time to replenish our discipline.

The usefulness of the research does not stop there. The discoveries impact on motivation. how to think and remember more effectively, how to learn and teach more effectively…….

Certainly an area worth researching if you are a trader.

juan F. Villegas


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